Amarillo leaders: Texas lawmakers can’t forget impoverished citizens

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With 73% of residents within Potter County classified as low-income individuals, local elected officials feel it’s important communities in poverty remain at the forefront of conversations.

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"We have so many agencies in Amarillo and in Potter County that help the indigent, but it’s not enough," said Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner. "I’m not going to say you need to go and get a job, they know that, they aren’t stupid. They cannot find a job or do anything to meet the needs of their family."

The average Amarillo family with two adults and two children is left with $97 after paying monthly expenses.

"These individuals are proud and they want to be able to take care of their families. I see that and I understand that, but sometimes you have to have the help of a community," said Tanner.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities out of Austin is here this week meeting with local elected officials like Judge Tanner.

"Top of the list for helping low-income people succeed is our public education system and making sure their is a very strong pipeline between our public education system and our workforce," said CEO of The Center for Public Policy Priorities Ann Beeson.

Beeson said it’s important lawmakers in Austin hear from actual people.

"What can we do to change public policy so that those numbers change and more young people can actually experience the American Dream," said Beeson.

Beeson added personal experience sparks the conversation that lead to change.

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