Community and City of Amarillo partner to shape the future of San Jacinto

This is the third neighborhood the city is working to improve as plans continue in the Barrio and North Heights.

“The goal is to focus on some areas of Amarillo that need some more attention as far as older, dilapidated areas or just lacking certain amenities that other parts of Amarillo have,” said Andrew Freeman, Director of Planning and Development Services for the City of Amarillo.

Community and City of Amarillo partner to shape the future of San Jacinto

As part of this plan, residents were asked to speak on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the area.

She cited Route 66, and locally-owned businesses as strengths in the area and noted a lack of sidewalks, and neglected homes as weaknesses.

“That helps us develop and build the plan,” said Freeman. "That’s what’s used for future infrastructure and funding requests to help improve the community. We want to hear from them before any decisions are made, because it’s really a community-driven plan. "

The plan involves looking at opportunities such as an art and music district, the potential for housing investments and a creation of parks and open spaces.

“We have great organizations that are doing good things in the community and we have a talent base here in the community that has a lot to offer,” said Brady Clark, Executive Director of Square Mile Community Development. “To really see those things come up from the inside out and grassroots, to see those develop with extra help from the outside and investments. I think we have an opportunity, really as kind of the historic heart of the city, to see revitalization and to really breathe new life into an amazing part of the community.”

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