TX: Amarillo Airport Receives TSA Award, Praised for Work with Federal Agency

April 03–Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport has received recognition from a federal agency for exemplary work within the areas of aviation regulations and safety.

Airport Deputy Director of Aviation Tyler Hurst said the Transportation Security Administration selected the airport to receive the Partnership Award based on its seamless interaction with the federal agency.

"In terms of all of the West Texas airports, Amarillo International Airport was selected to receive this award based on numerous efforts in terms of partnerships or working collaboratively, with security regulations on the regulatory front, screening and law enforcement support," Hurst said. "It represents great understanding and execution of airport goals in the TSA’s mission. TSA is a very important partner of ours and it’s really nice to be recognized for the work that goes on daily. We tend to assist each other greatly in our roles, missions and goals. It’s a great experience."

TSA officials said the Partnership Award recognizes industry partners whose accomplishments and excellence in performance distinctly benefit the nation’s interests and clearly advance the TSA’s mission to protect America’s transportation systems while significantly enhancing TSA’s ability to achieve its strategic goals.

Hurst said the award serves as a source of pride with regard to the airport’s pursuit of high aspirations.

"It really speaks to what our people do on a daily basis, how well we interact with governmental agencies at the federal level and is indicative of how it takes all parties to operate this airport safely, securely and efficiently while also providing a great customer experience," he said.

TSA was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to oversee security in all modes of transportation and completed federalization of security operations by the end of 2002, officials said, noting the agency became part of the Department of Homeland Security in March 2003, making up a quarter of the DHS workforce. TSA’s scope includes commercial and general aviation; mass transit systems; freight and passenger rail; and highways, pipelines and ports.

TSA comprises more than 60,000 employees, including more than 43,000 transportation security officers, as well as transportation security inspectors, specialists, administrative and other security professionals.

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